Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Additions received in July - August

It has been a wild summer with a niece having heart surgery, step father having disks removed from his spine and then my Mother being in the hospital for about a week. Granddaughter has gone home to begin school so I now have a moment to post what I received this summer. Some of these are from a group, Crochetlist Crochet Along (CLCAT) on yahoo groups. They sponsered this charity for a month.

Jean Martin: 3 hats (CLCAT)
Beth Parsons: 5 hat and scarf sets (CLCAT)
Kathleen Scott: 3 hats and 3 pair of slippers
? Lewis (MA): 5 hats
Jackie Larson: 16 pair of slippers, 2 pair mittens and 2 hats

I know there are more to post and will post them soon.

Thank you everyone for the donations.

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