Sunday, January 13, 2008

Steven's Comfy Toes Blog Begins a New Year ! ! !

Steven's Comfy Toes have moved from my Linda's Lists website to a new blog view. Between working full time a half hour dirve away and workign on my Master's degree full time I needed a way to keep everyone up to date as to donations, patterns, etc. that took less time. A website is wonderful but takes extra time to log in, find the page to update and save the changes. As of this year all new information about this charity will be posted to this blog. It is so much easier for me to jump on and post a change now. I have patterns I am going to post to this blog and will try to post pics sooner than at the end of the year. I will still keep a running tally so everyone will know where we stand.

As a reminder, we accept slippers (hence the comfy toes name) along with hats, scarves and mittens for the children in White Pine County Nevada and surrounding areas during the winter. I am looking at delivering donations during all the winter months and not just at Christmas time beginning this coming winter. If you have donated in the past or in the future I would like to add a link on the side to your website or blog so people can see and know those that care so much about these children.

I also plan on posting links to free patterns that are available online for people to make.

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