Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hats, Hats, and More Hats

Here are some of the hats I have been working on during the past few weeks. Winter break from classes meant that I was able to work on making hats for SCT (Steven's Comfy Toes). I have a few scarves on the needles and hooks too. Here are a few pics of the hats:

These fruity hats make me think of Spring and Summer. There's a peach hat, strawberry hat, cherry/apple hat, orange hat, and lemon hat. These are so cute and easy to knit. Can we say "Instant Gratification"?
The strawberry hat has little curly que vines on the side and the seeds are little pieces of black yarn that are double knotted and then cut short all over the hat. These are so much cuiter in person.

These hats are crocheted using various patterns I found on websites. I received a few donations of yarn last year and wanted to make up some items with all the yarn.

The big pink hat is one of Marlo's hats. The quick and easy hat done with 2 strands of yarn and an N hook. The other pink hat was knit with double strands of yarn and a size 9 16" circ. Double strands does not work well with my hands at times though. The white hat is a pattern I recently found. I wanted to do cables and this turned out so nice. I can just see a girl in middle school wearing this hat. Think I may make more after I find the pattern again.

The multicolored hat was my first try with self striping yarn that was not variegated. looks do difficult but was so easy. The pink and white hat was my first successful attempt at fare isle knitting. That's one new year's resolution from last year that I completed. I want to now do a piece with a larger piece of color change and design now.

These are hats I cast on yesterday morning. I keep them in various locations so I always have something to work on. One by my rocking chair, on by the sofa and one on my computer desk to work on when I am reading class posts (classes are all online). I just LOVE the variegated yarns as I never know what type of pattern they will knit up as when I cast on. The top two hats are working in a spiral color pattern. The color changes for the other hat are a little more spread out as the sections of color and shorter and more varied. To the left is my little frog keeper. He unzips to hold my threader, yarn needles, stitch markers, safety pins and post it notes. You never know when inspiration might hit and you will need to write down the changes or ideas.

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